The scenario is familiar. The catalog is almost ready and there are only the final corrections to come. These are entered into the catalog documents, which are nearly finished, and checked. The catalog is printed.
However, the final changes were only incorporated in the print catalog because there was no time to update the data in the database. The FinalCatalogs system consigns this problem to history.

Bidirectional workflow

The fully bi-directional interface between the typesetting system and the database is a crucial advantage of the FinalCatalogs system. Data is always exchanged in the XML format.
All article-related elements of the catalog documents are synchronized with the database. Even the last-minute corrections are transferred back to the database automatically by the FinalCatalogs update server.
The FinalCatalogs update server guarantees that all catalog documents and the corresponding database content are synchronised to production at all times.
This synchronization is naturally also implemented for all foreign languages. All corrections, regardless of whether these are made at headquarters or at an external branch office, are automatically synchronized with the database. A highly effective checking system stops production of the printed version if data errors prevented successful synchronization. This means that user errors no longer cause problems during production because these have already been identified reliably beforehand.

The information content of all languages is synchronized permanently during production between the typesetting system and the database. Data errors are reliably prevented.

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