Your data has been translated by a translation agency and is in the database. However, no employees at your site have sufficient knowledge of the language. However, at the site of the foreign-language subsidiary there are employees who, firstly, know about the product and, secondly, have the necessary linguistic knowledge to check the translations and correct them, if necessary.
You need a link between your foreign subsidiary and catalog production.

Production at external sites

When foreign-language versions of catalogs are produced, corrections are often made in the documents by employees based in the corresponding country. FinalCatalogs offers a flexible solution here with its FinalCatalogs Remote Client module.
An external site can easily be linked to headquarters via an Internet connection.
A catalog document is opened on the remote client. If an “Open document” ("Dokument öffnen") request is made, it triggers a web service request to the server at headquarters. The server sends the document to the client. The necessary corrections are implemented here. The “Update and print” ("Updaten und Drucken") function sends the document back to headquarters and there it is put automatically on the FinalCatalogs update server. The document is updated on the database. If the update does not indicate any errors, a version of the document is generated in the form of a PDF file using a virtual stamp. If errors are present, a PDF file is generated indicating the errors. This PDF file is sent back to the remote client who generated the request via the SOAP interface.

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