Your catalog is finished. All catalog documents have been created and corrected. At this point an index is produced for the entire catalog containing the article and the appropriate page number in the catalog – a task that is generally carried out manually. The larger the catalog, the higher the production outlay and the necessary checks. The FinalCatalogs system generates the index for every language fully automatically. You will receive a correct, properly sorted index as complex as you like.

Fully automatic index generation

A complete and correct index is essential for the functionality of a catalog. This naturally also applies to all the languages produced. .
Das FinalCatalogs System produziert diese Indexe vollautomatisch.
The FinalCatalogs system produces these indexes automatically.
The index terms stored in the database and assigned to the articles are automatically assigned to the catalog pages by the system. A sorted and structured index document is produced by running the typesetting system over all the catalog documents.

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