System features of FinalCatalogs

Database-assisted catalog system to produce printed and electronic catalogs

You can be confident that the information on products in respect of the data and layout used is consistent thanks to systematic separation of layout and product data

Complete and self-contained bidirectional workflow
- Product data in the database is always identical to the catalogs
- If the product data changes, it can be incorporated in the catalog documents
  at any phase of the production without losing the layout work

Complex graphics and tables can be displayed without any additional work during the production of catalogs

Foreign-language versions of catalogs can be produced automatically, even for complex layouts

Unicode processing ensures that catalogs can be produced in “exotic” foreign languages as well

The completely self-contained correction workflow can also be used for foreign-language catalogs

Market-driven changes can be implemented very late in the process as product data (such as prices) can be added at the last minute

The time to market can be reduced thanks to the benefits of parallel production of the basic and foreign-language version

Fully automatic generation of indexes for all catalog versions in the basic language and all the foreign-language versions

Single-source publishing: Print and online catalogs and electronic order platforms from one single supplier

Reliable production using “genuine” black film substitution thanks to a dynamic process that hides colours or text elements

Link to the ERP system, adoption of the product base data and prices

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